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An Innovative Research concept from the House of Biosuccess

  1. 100% Natural, 100% eco-friendly
  2. Oxygen releasing substances and Natural elements



  1. Actives - eco friendly pure natural elements
  2. Oxygen content -17.3+/- 0.44
  3. Oxygen releasing qty -17000 cc/gm up to 180 days
  4. Longevity in soil - 180 days
  5. Moisture -<8.0
  6. Solubility in water - little bit


Bioxy reacts with water and releases oxygen at root zone and in soil. Since abundant quantity of oxygen generated physical, chemical & Biological properties of soil getting improved.

Physical properties of soil: Aeration, water holding capacity, porosity, structure, texture, color, soil crusting ,water conductivity between soil particles

Chemical properties: ph , CEC[Cation exchange capacity]

Biological properties: Micro, macro flora & fauna, crop roots

Once properties of soil getting improved there are ā€˜nā€™ numbers of beneficial microbes develop and grow including earth worms. Roots get adequate oxygen to respire. Seeds get required oxygen to germinate. According to research during photosynthesis oxygen is required by roots. During this phase all nutrients , enzymes, hormones, amino acids are stored in plant cells by plant metabolism process.

Bioxy rectifies effectively the soil and crop defects and also it does the following great benefits:

  1. Increases seed germination
  2. By improving seedling growth it produces healthy nursery
  3. Both in nursery and main field up to the life span of crops Bioxy effectively improves root and shoot development
  4. Soil aeration, porosity and water holding capacity is also improved which are very much important for root respiration, root growth and proliferation
  5. As Bioxy increases total microbial population and species diversity, thus the capacity of soil improved to decompose, wide range of chemical contaminates due to chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  6. Since oxygen is very essential at root system for water during photosynthesis Bioxy supplies adequate oxygen to plant to produce more food and thus yield will be multiplied
  7. Bioxy ensures effective metabolism of all nutrients which also helps beneficial micro and macro organisms to get their food even earthworms and makes them to live long healthy in soil
  8. During initial phase of viral attack Bioxy prevents virus cells to spread further on healthy plant cells
  9. Bioxy improves and increases hydraulic conductivity in clay soil which is so essential for oxygen and nutrient supply to crops
  10. Amazingly Bioxy acts as a disinfectant to kill detrimental bacteria in soil
  11. Bioxy promotes biological activity and natural ecosystem.

Protocol for usage

  1. Apply 1kg per acre during organic or chemical fertilizer application once in 6 months
  2. If it is either chemical farming or low quality soil to get better results go for 2-3 kg once in 6 months.
  3. For Fruit & Tree crops 3-40 grams per plant depending on the age of the plant once in 6 months

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