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Contains all required soil –organic acids for soil character development & crop health along with bio active elements with Potassium. These are isolated from vermi compost base. This product is highly condensed & concentrated which contains organic acids & numerous biologically active micro elements.



« Increased CEC , WHC & Increased % of Total N in the soil.

« PH Neutralizer- neutralises alkali & acidic soils, maximizes mineral & nutrient uptake

« Retains fertilizer at root zone & releases when crop exactly needs

« Accelerates seed germination and increases desirable micro flora & fauna

« Increases Organic Carbon level in soil which serves as food for microbes.

« Accelerates releasing of K which is held as non available form.

« Alleviates the toxicity of chemical pesticide residues and prevents soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions as well as other harmful elements.

« The Quinoidine & active acids within the product bear strong oxidation potentiality which restrains the activities of free radicals.

« Releases N &P slowly which are locked by Fe3+, Al3+ in the soil

« Optimizes micro element absorption & create a suitable environment for microbial growth

« Naturally work as additives for fertilizers

« Improves physical, chemical & biological properties of soil.

« Improves workability of soil.

« Increases root growth of crops.

« Helps crop to withstand drought & frost conditions

« Increases yield with Organic quality.

Dosage- 1 lit per acre to be mixed with chemical fertilizer both for broadcasting or by drip.

Can be used as Fertigation with water soluble fertilizers.




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