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Bio Diamond

A Revolutionary product in Indian Agri. BioDiamond can be used instead of Farm yard manure, vermicompost and chemical fertilizer too, and it has more ‘nutrients’ than Organic and chemical fertilizers.

Since BioDiamond is being manufactured by Biotechnology concept


It is 100% pure, eco-friendly, full of nutrients and plants supplements

The nutrients in BioDiamond are:

  1. NPK – Macro
  2. Ca, Mg, S-Secondary
  3. Fe, Zn, B, Mo, Mn, selenium, vanadium - Micro nutrients
  4. >20 Amino acids
  5. Cytokinin, Auxin, Enzymes, Gibberlic acid, Indole acetic acid.
  6. Humic, Pulvic, Ulmic, Betaines, Carotenase etc.
  7. Apart from these N, P, K, Fe, S, Zn ,Si Solublishing bacterias.

Benefits of Biodiamond:

  1. The above nutrients are readily available and plant can absorb immediately
  2. We avoid weed seeds, pathogens in soil when it replaces FYM
  3. As it is 50% lower cost than FYM, it is cheaper
  4. The N, P, K, Fe, Zn & S Solubilizing bacteria releases nutrients slowly thus crops gets
  5. As it starts working from the day one, crop relieves from nutrients stress and starts grow healthy
  6. Only Biodiamond has the above mentioned all nutrients & beneficial microbes.
  7. It increases seed germination, improves tuber, root development, imparts drought, pest & diseases resistance, Increases flowers, fruits & stops flower shedding.


  1. To replace Farm yard manure /Poultry manure/vermi compost/or any organic manures apply 50-100kg/ac
  2. To mix with chemical fertilizer 5-20kg/ac
  3. To apply stand alone 10-25kg/ac
  4. Can be applied at all stages of crops growth or whenever chemical fertilizer is applied

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